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What Will I Learn?


By signing up for this internationally recognised course you will:

  1. Know the key stages in grape growing and winemaking

  2. Know the types, characteristics and styles of wines made from the principal grape varieties and other examples of wines.

  3. Know the key principles and practices involved in the storage and service of wine


How Long Is The Course?

The total study time with Rebecca is 6 hours

Rebecca's Virtual Courses is taught in three 2-hour sessions

Rebecca's Classroom Courses is taught during one day (including the exam) 


What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

For the Virtual Courses, you'll need to plan slightly ahead for each session.


Session 1: Your study pack and 2 black grapes

Session 2: Your study pack and 6 wines (Chablis, Sancerre, Mosel Riesling, Red Bordeaux, Bourgogne Rouge, Australian Shiraz) Rebecca can recommend where to source or send a case for £118 from The Wine Reserve

Session 3: Your study pack and sugar, microwaved button mushroom, chilli sauce, salt, lemon and soft squidgy cheese

For the Classroom Course you will just need to remember to bring your study pack.  Rebecca will provide the additional material.


How Do I Take the Exam?

The Virtual Course includes the digital exam, in which you have 45 minutes to answer 30 multiple choice questions.  This can be taken from home on either a working smart phone or computer with webcam.  It is important to have a strong internet connection as any interruptions can lead to disqualification.

It is possible to take a paper examination upon request to Rebecca.

The Classroom Course will include a paper examination at the end of the day's teaching.

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