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3 minutes with…Wendy Narby

1. What is your wine mission?

To make the wines of Bordeaux less intimidating (and to help women enjoy wine as part of a liver friendly lifestyle of course!)

2. Next big thing in wine?

Eco packaging,

3. Your ‘go to’ glass after a hard day?

Champagne in summer, Claret in winter

4. Music paradise?

Nina Simone

5. Preferred colour?


6. Favourite film?

Meet Joe Black

7. Fondest vintage? (please say where from)

1989 Bordeaux, The year I moved there just happened to be a good vintage

8. Oak or stainless steel?

Oak for red, stainless for white

9. Best place to eat right now?

Right now anywhere except my kitchen!

10. Food and wine matching purgatory?

Sauternes and chocolate cake

11. Guilty food and wine match?

Red wine and dark chocolate

12. Favourite wine writer (apart from yourself)?

Joe Fattorini

13. Wine ‘fad’ irritation?

Clean wines

14. Most delicious cheese?


15. Inspiring novel?

A Gentleman in Moscow

16. Damascene wine moment?

My first glass of claret at University - haven't looked back since!

17. Most beautiful vineyard in the world?

Would have to be Sauternes in the autumn mist

The Northern Rhone in the Spring would be a close second

18. Ideal last sip?

A Leoville Barton with about 10 years age on it I won't tempt fate by adding a vintage!

19. Next place to visit?


20. Best advice?

Less is more



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