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3 minutes with…Cynthia Coutu

1. What is your wine mission?

Empower women one bottle of champagne at a time

2. Next big thing in wine?

I hope more recognition for wines made by women

3. Your ‘go to’ glass after a hard day?

Champagne of course! Perfect pick-me-upper.

4. Music paradise?

I go through phases, but right now I am fixated on the album A Wonderful World, duets by k.d. lang and Tony Benett. Their velvety voices are so well paired!

5. Preferred colour?

Blue. Sky. Sea. Royal.

6. Favourite film?

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. For sentimental reasons. Because I was a judo champ in my younger days, and because I lived a similar story with a young man I met in the Himalayas.

7. Fondest vintage?

A 1982 that I sipped while watching the Northern Lights dance in the sky. French wine and Canadian nature. Perfect pairing. Full story under my Damascene wine moment below.

8. Oak or stainless steel?

A bit of both adds complexity, but oak needs to be very discreet

9. Best place to eat?

Anywhere, as long as it is with someone you like and who has great conversational skills.

10. Food and wine matching purgatory?

Red wine with cheese. Very French tradition, but white or sparkling wine pair so much better with cheese.

11. Guilty food and wine match?

French fries tossed in truffle oil with a Blanc de Blancs champagne.

12. Favourite wine writer (apart from yourself)?

Jancis Robinson

13. Wine ‘fad’ irritation?

Clean wine – what the heck is that?

14. Most delicious cheese?

Torn between aged Comté and Brillat-Savarin, a sinful triple-cream

15. Inspiring novel?

Who Has Seen the Wind by Canadian author W.O. Mitchell. Story about a young boy growing up and grappling with losing his childhood sense of wonderment.

16. Damascene wine moment?

17. Most beautiful vineyard in the world?

They are all beautiful, but I have a soft spot for the vineyards along the Douro river in Portugal, and the hillsides in Champagne.

18. Ideal last sip?

I think I would like to leave this world with something sweet – either a vintage Porto or a Canadian ice wine

19. Next place to visit?

I would like to go back to the Loire. Their wines are still full of mystery for me.

20. Best advice?

Savour the moment



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