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3 minutes with…Annie Meakin, Paxton & Whitfield, Jermyn Street Manager

1. What is your wine mission?

To enjoy it! And try to remember what it was so I can buy it again.

2. Next big thing in wine?

English wine is upcoming, some of what I’ve tried lately has been outstanding

3. Your ‘go to’ glass after a hard day?

Usually a good hearty red, a Malbec or Shiraz

4. Music paradise?

Anything uplifting, Lake Street Dive are current favourites

5. Preferred colour?

Red (not just in wine!)

6. Favourite film?

True Romance

7. Fondest vintage?


8. Oak or stainless steel?


9. Best place to eat?

Current favourite is Sussex on Frith Street, Soho

10. Food and wine matching purgatory?

Big tannic wines very difficult to pair!

11. Guilty food and wine match?

Triple cream cheese and Rosé

12. Favourite wine writer (apart from yourself)?

Joe Fattorini

13. Wine ‘fad’ irritation?

Orange wine – I just don’t get it!

14. Most delicious cheese?

A classic Swiss Gruyere

15. Inspiring novel?

A Secret History, Donna Tartt

16. Damascene wine moment?

The first time I tried oaked Chardonnay from the New World, opened my eyes to what Chardonnay could be like.

17. Most beautiful vineyard in the world?

Feathertop Winery, Australia

18. Ideal last sip?


19. Next place to visit?


20. Best advice?

As my Dad always says: B your own person



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